Report: More than a million new DS screens in 2008

October 28, 2008 by Dave Haynes

On the heels of the PQ Media Forecast, there’s more positive forecasting getting released this morning, this time from Scottsdale-based research outfit MultiMedia Intelligence.

A new report suggests the industry hanged and banged 1.1 million new displays this year, up- 34 per cent from a year earlier. By 2012, the market is expected to consume  2.3 million displays.

Digital signage is the next evolution of multiplatform advertising,” according to Frank Dickson, Chief Research Officer with MultiMedia Intelligence, in a press release. “The integration of IP-based network management allows entire screen deployments to be centrally controlled, allowing for dynamic and simultaneous control of text, video and graphics.”

These displays are more than just advertising. They add value by providing information, ambient lighting, directions and other value-added content to enhance the shopping experience. Multiplatform features become compelling as mobility, location, IP surveillance, and informational services are integrated.

The new research is contained in Network Digital Signage: Infrastructure, Displays, Software and Technology, which took a look at the overall market for  worldwide equipment, software and technology.  

The research also found:

— Current global economic weakness will sap growth between 2008 and 2009, but 2010 returns to strong double-digit growth.

— Ethernet is by far the dominant connection interface. HDMI and cellular will become increasingly significant.

— China overtook the USA as the top digital signage consumer, driven by preparations for the 2008 Olympics.

— Retail, transportation and restaurants and bars are the top 3 digital signage verticals. Education and corporate communications verticals are making impressive gains.

— Digital signage is increasingly driven by digital media adapters rather than PCs. Digital media adapters (note – they mean streaming devices at endpoints) will exceed PCs in 2009.

— Roughly 8% of digital displays have embedded TV Tuners, with ATSC, DVB and country-specific standards competing for leadership.

— Although hard disk drives dominate the market, solid state drives are making in-roads.

The full 68-page report will set you back $3,495 and you can find out more here. 

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