Interactive SMS app to LED board in Jakarta

October 23, 2008 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting interactive LED board running on a street in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The board is sponsored by a tobacco brand (so don’t expect this in most western countries anytime soon) and allows cellphone owners to make SMS short code requests to see one of 10 videos of guys doing tricks with soccer balls.

From AdGabber:


Jakarta-based agency SemutApi has created what its labeled the “first digitally interactive out of home advertising in Indonesia.” That may be true but it’s not the first worldwide. Anyway, the work is for…OMG…cigarette maker Djarum Super and is called The Bro & Cuy Super Show. 

The video also provides the too-rare opportunity to hear Hit The Road Jack! sung in what I assume is Javanese. 


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