Always look on the bright side department

October 23, 2008 by Dave Haynes

If you’re like me you are hearing all sorts of things about the state of the industry, given the credit crunch and the rather jagged profile of stocm market indices charts these days.

I suppose part of the job of CEOs and board chairs is to infuse their troops and their clients, these days, with confidence, despite it all. Which brings me to a story just posted on Digital Signage Today, which notes that the COO of MediaTile is now the CEO of MediaTile. Congratulations Simon Wilson.

Most of the story is blah-blah-blah stuff, but the interesting thing for me is the last paragraph, in which former CEO and now executive board chairman Keith Kelsen gives a quick state of the nation.

“The market outlook for digital signage and MediaTile is extremely bright,” Kelsen said. “Other industries may be experiencing a slowdown, but with overall market growth is still in excess of 20 percent per year, this could be the tipping point for the digital signage industry.” 

Hope he’s right. but 20 percent growth seems pretty optimistic this week. 

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