Next local mixer set

October 3, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The next Toronto-area mixer is a little more than a week away, so scribble this into your calendars.

It is on the 14th, starting at 6:30 or so, on the upper level, at the back by the wine cellar, at Six Steps Restaurant in downtown Toronto. We’ve had a few now at this place and if they treat us nice, we’ll call it home. The plan remains for every second Tuesday of the month.

The event is now being organized — what a concept — by the folks at Ingram Micro. Last month, Dmitry Sokolov from Ingram helped out with the tab. This time around, the event is being hosted and helped along by Paul De Maio and the good folks at Internet Connectivity Group, which has cool technology that delivers solid video wirelessly. 

As always, for the unitiated, these events are entirely informal ways for the industry to get together to catch up, swap ideas and trade business cards. There was a good crowd at thge last event and we hope to build on that every month.

See you there.


Six Steps Restaurant & Lounge
55 Colborne Street
T – 416.504.4800
F – 416.504.4880

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