Raji Kalra hitting the road

September 19, 2008 by Dave Haynes

A lot of people in the industry will know Raji Kalra from his days with Artisan, and earlier on through his efforts to pull together a DS industry sales rep house.

He is leaving Artisan in a week, step one in a transition that will see him go to England to take over his father’s business. Dad is retiring.

Raji would only say that it has nothing to do with digital signage, so this leads me to the logical conclusion that he is hiding something, and that he will soon be the operator of the second-largest ABBA memorabilia shop in Wolverhampton. Or he’ll be an arms dealer. I’ll beat the truth out of him eventually.

Raji isn’t heading over right away and is planning to do some consulting for a few Toronto-area screen networks that are starting to pull their plans together. He still plans to hit the mixers uintil he gets on the plane for the UK.

One of the good guys, and a great booster of the industry. I wish him well. 

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