Live from DSE East

September 17, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Ok, well sort of live …

I got here early and the thing doesn’t start for 45 minutes and for reasons that astound me, I have an Internet connection on the floor.

The show has more exhibitors than expected, but it is still very small. A lot of the booths are the smallest you can get and there are numerous vendors to the vendors, like motherboard guys.

The big booths are Netkey, Ronin, Scala and Enqii. BroadSign is a main sponsor but it decided not to do its monster 2-storey booth (which I assume costs a coupla bucks to put up and tear down) and is doing a couple of meeting rooms.

Most of the vendors look familiar, though there is a company called Frame Jazz hanging out with the Panphonics people and another company called BlueWater Group, which makes a point of saying it is woman-owned. 

There was a good crowd last night at the Barco “tour” of the Comcast Center LED board project. It wasn’t so much a tour as a show and tell that stopped at the lobby.

The photos and video I saw were impressive, but seeing the thing live drives home the brilliance of this project on the install and content execution side.

If you here at the show, or in Philly soon, find the time to go see it.


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