Best Buy guy peddles services in hologram

September 6, 2008 by Dave Haynes


This is a Best Buy promo in the monstrous Mall of America in the Twin Cities.

As explained on Ad Lab, this is projection technology that bears similarities to 3M’s Vikuiti. “This digital projection signage system uses a screen to capture all available projected light. The screens can be custom cut into any shape. We also make screens in a self-adhesive film that can be applied to windows, transparent partitions, free standing, countertop and hanging panels. The projected image has a multi-dimensional look.” 

You can see the projector in this version of the video.

This stuff has been around for awhile, and the best I have seen (and not just for hormonal reasons), was street-level window displays in Denmark that had an attractive model trying on outfits. As you can see from this video, the Best Buy guy also draws a crowd.  

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