First mixer in a while set

September 4, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The first industry networking mixer for Toronto and area is set for this coming Tuesday, the 9th, at 6:30-ish at the Six Steps Restaurant in downtown Toronto (55 Colborne Street, by the way).

We’re going to try something new and actually be ORGANIZED about this thing, thanks in very large part to my friends at Ingram Micro Canada.

Ingram’s Lora Melo has actually booked the place for the next four months, with the standing plan to have one of these every sercond Tuesday of the month.

The schedule is:



Ingram will deal with the nibblies this time, but we will be collectively looking foir a vendor or other industry player to slap down a card and pick up the food tab, which is usually pretty small tab. If some big panel isa crazy enough to pick up the bar tab, as well, come on down! But be warned.

For the uninitiated, this is a function actually instigated by the guys at Artisan and sporadically carried on by them and myself, with some help and nudging from a few others. I’m very appreciative of Ingram stepping in to get us a little better oorganized, though the spirit of this very much remains an informal gathering with no speeches or presentations. Just yakking and, where appropriate, drunkenly spilling into the streets to overturn police cars. 

I THINK I will be there (Vancouver beckons, maybe). But it will be a chance for people to meet, among others, Dmitry Sokolov, who has come on to do biz dev for Ingram and fill the slot vacated by Doug Munroe (now at Enqii) a few months ago.

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