Lawson jumps to Bassett Media

September 3, 2008 by Dave Haynes

My buddy Mark Lawson, who for a few years now has guided Pattison Outdoor’s early steps into digital out of home, has left the company to join the Bassett Media Group.

Lawson started on the job yesterday, having wound down with Pattison a couple of weeks ago. He left on his terms, looking for a new challenge but also relishing NOT having to drive everyday from the other side of Toronto to the west end of Oakville. If this is unfamiliar to you, suffice to say, a painfully slow and ugly thing to endure each day. Now Mark just drives downtown … in minutes.

I know Bassett well, as it operates the Concourse Media network I started years ago with Kevin O’Shaughnessy. I pretty much cashed out more than three years ago, but the screens are still going and CEO Matt Bassett has diversified into a retail drug chain network as well as a couple of print magazines.   

A big change for sure with two very different companies but a great opportunity at the right time, says Lawson, now VP and National Director, Digital Media. I felt the change and challenge would be good for me in many ways. I look back at my days at Pattison fondly and certainly will miss those I leave behind. I learned all about Out of Home advertising from the best in the biz and for that I’m truly thankful. I left Pattison on good terms and hope to continue many of the professional and personal relationships I built over my years there.

I will be continuing on in a similar capacity with lots of work ahead. Bassett Media Group is revamping and expanding their existing networks as well as growing new networks. Each of you in one way or another have been integral in supporting mine and Pattison’s efforts in this emerging industry so I certainly will be looking to some of you to help prepare me and Bassett Media Group for our future growth.   

His new e-mail: mlawson (at)   

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