CODA bulks up membership

August 8, 2008 by Dave Haynes





The Canadian Out of Home Digital Association (aka CODA) has announced the approval of nine new company members, ranging from the big (LG, Barco, etc) to the little (Lyle Bunn).

The list:

    * Harris Corporation
    * Coxcom Inc
    * Barco
    * Daktronics
    * Rogers Media
    * Arsenal Media
    * LG Electronics Inc.
    * Bunn Company
    * Gel Communications

That brings the aggregate up to 27 and I know there are at least two other companies going through the approval process. It took a while, but CODA is now starting to get some pace and move beyond the “usual suspects” feel the thing had for its formative years.For a long time, there were few or no vendors, and that is clearly opening up.

The big and LED guys are good to see, and the interesting one is Rogers Media, which has a very  large multi-platform sales team it wants to wade into this area. Easier said than done, but Rogers is already running and selling a network in Pizza Pizza stores.


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