Young UK firm in at ground level … literally

July 18, 2008 by Dave Haynes

LevelVision has had screens for a few years now that sit right on the floor of retail premises, but a young UK firm really gets into it by embedding screens right into floors and other level surfaces.

Called Flasma, the company is peddling HD screens that are designed to operate in high light, high abuse environments and keep chugging away. Flasma describes this as an underutilized media opportunity.

Indeed. I can certainly imagine the attraction of this for certain signature installations, as is highlighted in Digital Signage Today, but I can’t imagine them ever being used in a mass rollout. It’s one thing to carve out a piece of pavement or brickwork to sink these things. It’s quite another to trench out the path needed to get the power to the unit from somewhere else. AND the video signal.

The screens are from Sanyo.

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