Ex-GSBC mogul now a garbage man

July 18, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The guy who a year ago was peddling a company that was going to take over the digital signage business globally – though no one had ever heard of him or the company – is now heading up a concern in the Philippines that plans to turn waste into energy.

Ronald Flynn, who when last we’d heard from him was going to take over the mobile and GPS worlds, is now head of Manila-based Spectrum Blue Steel.

The latest press release, written with Flynn’s always curious ringmaster bombast.

The big news is a fresh foreign investment at $18 billion will create greener environment and cheap electricity for the Philippines. This is the announcement by Ronald Flynn, President of the Spectrum Blue Steel. Flynn said that the problem of garbage and high costs of electricity in the Philippines will soon be a thing of the past as he quoted, “Your waste, our Future.”

Recently, Spectrum Blue Steel, a local Philippines company landed an exclusive contract with public company Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF.OB) and now has started to implement the 10 year plan for the Philippines using the patented Biosphere and Eco Technology. Biosphere creates electricity by destroying waste in a cost-effective manner without polluting the environment. The Biosphere Process creates electricity by gasifying traditional and non-traditional waste materials and/or fossil fuels using extremely high temperatures. This process is done in a limited-oxygen environment thereby significantly limiting atmospheric emissions.

If you read on you see that the company does not actually have $18 billion, or a deal to GET $18 billion. That’s just the size of a potential order if all of the Philippines bought into this waste regeneration thing.

Happy to see this guy moving a little further away from our space.

  1. RONALD FYNN says:

    You are an idiot! (ftmc.ob) Fightersoft is still moving and progressing. (geecf.ob) is another project to help the world! im sure you wont be able to handel this response so you will erase it like you have all the other rebutles. I guess you figure you will always win in a one sided report. You are very strange person i really think you are a complete iget!!!

  2. Haynes says:

    No Ron, I will leave this one up so that your point of view and your glorious command of the English language can once again be appreciated.

    And don’t you have better things to do???

  3. RONALD FYNN says:

    Yes my command of the English language. I will be the first to admit if this was a spelling bee I loose and you win. I don’t need to spell check my messages to you and furthermore glad to see you admit that you take down all my rebuttals. I think the real question is why do you have such a hard on for me. Are you jealous of me? Do you want to do what I am doing? Do you think you can do it better? I would have thought you would have written a decent article about me! I mean let’s face it you seem to have a real grasp about me and my new venture as a trash man. I wonder what you are doing to help people besides writing idiotic articles about things you have no idea about! My humble suggestion is try and be a little more diplomatic and write some positive articles about life and people. You see most people would be happy that someone is taking the time to help the earth and the environment. It does not matter if it is 18 cents 18 dollars or 1800 0r 18,000 or even 18 billion I am trying to help! What are you doing! It looks like you are having a drink as usual! Well i am sure this comment won’t last long but at least you had to read it and get a taste of reality! Cheers to your life!!!!
    Ronald the garbage man
    P.S Sorry I did not spell check this comment but I did write this comment much slower than the first one.

  4. Ah. But it DOES matter of you are contributing 18 cents or 18 billion dollars, Ronald.

  5. RONALD FYNN says:

    To: Michael Williams,
    My comment had to do with Hanes derogatory heading in his article and his inability to right positive stories about good people doing good things. As far as the project in the Philippines is concerned obviously our company has the ability to complete this project and that is why we were given the licence to do so. Furthermore we are very excited to say the least about cleaning up the landfills and creating a better future for people here in the Philippines and around the world. I implore everyone to get involved as it will only help our future.
    Regards Ronald
    P.s The biosphere system works and governments will pay to create a better world!

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