Dep't of Missed Opportunities

July 16, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Spotted in a press release from a small competitor, for an install in a small, midwest chain drug …

The good: the screen is not hanging from the ceiling at about the height of a basketball backboard and is instead on an island fixture down low.

The not so: the little taped-on sheet noting the sunscreen products are 10 per cent off (you went to the expense of buying a screen and software, guys); the merchandising of the products waaay down at the bottom of the endcap; the screen positioning that may actually be too low.

As noted, it’s good to see installs in pharmacies that are targeted at customers and position the screens lower and near (or at) the stuff for sale. But this one is a very long way from conceptually nailed.

Oh, and the playlist includes news and weather!!!

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