AdFlow's interactive gear helps peddle Koodo handsets

June 24, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Despite near daily barrages from my backyard potato cannon, the guys just up the road from me at AdFlow have managed to keep the doors open and conduct business.

Note to self: Must adapt cannon to sweet potatoes.

Anyway, the AdFlow guys have ignored the constant splats and swung a deal with Koodo, the pay-per-use offspring of Canuck wireless carrier Telus. Koodo popped up a few months ago with a set of screwball ads emulating early 80s spandex exercise shows.

Koodo is not really a bricks and mortar play, but they do have a retail presence and are using AdFlow’s software to run a nice little interactive app. Pick up a handset, and the screen pops information about that handset. Dead simple. And probably quite effective.

I like this stuff a heck of a lot more than screens dangling from ceilings, hoping to get noticed.

According to Digital Signage Today, Koodo Mobile envisioned a captivating and enticing sales-driven customer shopping experience within their retail locations that would connect to this younger demographic. Koodo Mobile’s interactive kiosks feature easy-to-use touchscreens which engage consumers at the point of purchase, informing and educating shoppers on products, services and promotions.

Disclaimer: AdFlow, were it not obvious enough, is a competitor. But the nice thing about the Canuck industry is they’re also friends. At least until I get the pumpkin trebuchet figured out.

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