Viral game gives media buyers shot(s) at pesky ad sales people

June 5, 2008 by Dave Haynes

One of the things I have been talking about in presentations lately is the confusion in the marketplace, and how media planners at agencies have to sit through countless pitches from ad-based networks that all have different ad shapes, spot lengths, measurement terminology and ad rates.

I said these people get so much contrary information pushed at them that their heads are about to explode.

Well, an ad-based network on the gaming side has seen and heard their pain, and come up with a little viral online game called Media Buyer’s Revenge. It is a Flash-based game that allows media buyers to arm themselves and take out a few pesky account executives who want to schedule a meeting or buy them lunch.

The Florida-based company is called Intergi, and you can find the game here (thanks, Ed). I suspect this works a lot better in getting mindshare with those planners than any number of free lunches, drinks or free toys.

If you find this game appalling and think it promotes violence in the workplace, take it elsewhere. Not my game or idea.

And don’t shoot the messenger (pun intended).

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