Loto-Quebec screens

May 29, 2008 by Dave Haynes

I am at the main office in wonderful Montreal for a couple of days, mainly for the last of three Ingram Micro show and tell sessions.

Spotted in a couple of stores, Loto-Quebec’s approach to digital screens. They did a trial with a local company, but ultimately opted to build out their own solution, cooked up by the IT group.

The screens are 4:3 20 inchers, I think, and are mounted BELOW eye level, which is a very different approach. I didn’t look closely — I had a pressing engagement at some place called MacLean’s (19 types on tap!) — but I think the screens are attached to the actual wagering terminals.

The pic is from a Jean Coutu store, the dominant chain drug in Francophone Canada. Boy, the “Oh dear, there’s a nutbar in the store” looks you get when you ask if it is OK to take a snappie of this stuff.

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