POPAI adds blog with roster of contributors

May 23, 2008 by Dave Haynes

POPAI announced this week it has added to the long list of companies and organizations doing blogs on what’s shaking in this industry.

The difference here is two-fold … maybe.

There is no particular vested interest on the part of POPAI, other than educating the industry and taming the Wild West.

And the panelists include a bunch of people I have either worked with, know or respect … except Gerba. Nasty man.

Blogs can be a great way to hump your vested interests, even subtly or almost subconsciously. But the contributor group should police itself.

The greater challenge is probably finding the time to write.

Laura Davis-Taylor has kicked things off with a little piece and accompanying poll about the possibilities and perils of biometric face counting in retail. Is it an invasion of privacy?

My two Canadian cents: there are many, many, many other things I’m more worried about when I shop (like credit card security and the idiots who park by my new wheels no matter HOW FAR out in the lot I park) than whether a little camera records that a funny looking old fart in training just looked at a screen.

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