Japanese firm stitching three plasmas together for jumbo screen

May 20, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The Japanese firm Shinoda plasma will have a booth next month at infoComm in Las Vegas, humping the delights of a curvy 125-inch plasma display – really three smaller plasma tube arrays stiched together to create a super widescreen.

Reports Engadget:

The 3- x 1-meter display consists of three PTA (plasma tube array) modules connected together, and it features a rather uninspiring 960 x 360 resolution but weighs just 7.9-pounds. The actual “display part” measures just one-millimeter thick, and while this unit is likely to make a veiled appearance at InfoComm next month, a mass produced version will reportedly be produced in conjunction with Hibino. Honest opinion? We’re still feelin’ the resolution of Alienware’s curved monster, but digital signage fans should certainly dig where this one is headed.

Well, maybe.

The resolution, as noted, is better than standard def but hardly HD quality, and the things will cost a whole bunch. On the other hand, the curve has some real appeal and these units will likely be less cost than a set of tight-pitched LED modules that would fit the same space, but with dramatically lower resolution.

Shinoda, by the way, is a Fujitsu spinoff.

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