Accenture study looks at shift to ubiquitous media

Consulting monster Accenture has a a new report out about the future of content strategy, and the evolution from conventional media to a digital media world where content is somewhat ubiquitous.

There’s a PDF that can be downloaded that runs through the thinking, which focuses very much on online advertising and the impacts of things like social networking and mobile. But it also gives direction on what the advertising industry is thinking right now, and where they see budgets going.

What I found interesting and appropriate to our little corner of the industry was the conclusion, and somewhat cautionary words.

Across the entire media and entertainment industry, traditional ways of doing business are being challenged by new digital technologies and consumer demands for 24/7 access to high quality content. This does not mean that traditional content (and traditional media) is dead. Far from it. Cinemas will continue to find audiences for years to come. Children will still lose themselves in storybooks. Newspapers will be spread out on café tables. And bands will treasure the first cut of their new record.

But there’s no denying the pace of change. A generation from now, people will rely on media and information much more than they do today. Crossplatform access to content – anytime, anyplace, anywhere – will be the norm. New technologies will emerge and be adopted. Disruptive players will force their way into the media and entertainment industry.

For the time being, however, “old” and “new” media will ride side-by-side. Each will fuel interest in the other. Digital will continue to enhance the consumer experience, enabling wider and more immediate distribution. All of this is well recognized by now.

All industries eventually arrive at an inflexion point. The financial services industry had no choice but to embrace electronic trading. The travel industry was forced to accept its consumers shopping online for the best deals. The telecommunications industry had to come to terms with VoIP.

Now the media and entertainment industry has reached this point. Companies in this sector know what they must do. And, as ever, there will be no prizes for second place.

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