India free software player Infosignz releases pricing

April 28, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Fledgling Indian DS software player Infosignz has cleverly attracted attention in a crowded field by offering a limited version of its product as free, with the caveat that a  fully functional version was coming and it was NOT free.

Infosignz has now released that pricing, which shows the price for something with the functionality serious companies will need is pretty much the same as what many companies out there are charging, on the low side, for Software as a Service. About $28 a month, though there’s an intro offer of  $10/month right now to get some business in the door.

This sort of effort is interesting, and definitely not good news for the many service providers out there who are charging considerably more than this, and able to do so because few companies are open about their rate card.

  1. Clinton Gallagher says:

    A person would have to be very foolish to argue that SaaS is not going to be the fundamental service delivery model for content.

    Then again, as I code day and night to reach those goals building and delivering my own service I am greatful the world has so many fools in it.

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