More consolidation: OnSite buys Boondoggle

April 24, 2008 by Dave Haynes

OnSite Network has announced a deal to acquire Nevada New Media, the owner of Boondoggle Sports Network, a screen network playing in the same restaurant and bar space.

No deal terms were released.

The buy almost doubles OnSite’s footprint, to 200 locations in the US, which in relative terms is still teeny. But the plans are much bigger.

“This acquisition accelerates our growth plans and keeps us on track to be in 1,000 locations by the end of this year,” said Allen Marrinson, President & CEO of OSN. “We are also in the process of deploying to already committed venue locations in Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and cities in Southern California and other metro areas.”

What is it, by the way, about the number 1,000 in this industry??? I’m still waiting for the guy who tells me, ‘We’re planning to do 675 locations by the end of Q1 2009.”

OnSite plays in that somewhat murky part of the business in which broadcast video signals from networks are squeezed so that there is room on the screen for a banner strip along the bottom and one side. There are varied opinions about whether or not that infringes on the broadcaster’s rights.

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