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April 23, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Former Impart managing director Bob Grawet has started an arms-length website/blog, using Google’s Picasa photo gallery app, to showcase digital signage installations all over the world.

There’s a bunch of pictures in there but he is looking for many more, and is promising not to hump any particularly company.

It’s a nice idea to have one home for this stuff. The funny thing is I can see all kinds of start-ups using this site to “borrow” images for their websites. There’s a handful of images I see over and over again on the “About digital signage” pages of start-ups.

You can send pix to robertgrawet at

  1. Thank you very much for mentioning my endeavor today. I hope your news will help many others find me and send their favorite digital signage/out of home media installation shots for inclusion (for free) on the site. Trade show pictures are also very welcome.

    As David mentioned; my intention is to use my new group website to collect and show YOUR pictures in order to help everyone to become more efficient in moving projects from idea to installation.

    My site has NO affiliation with any company; the url for Worldwide Digital Signage Network is for a group that is not even incorporated or in business in any way. I simply grabbed a url and made the blog and site under the principal that; “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”. I hope by making this collection available it will only help you grow. Thanks.

  2. OOPS….forgot this:

    If you have a photo to contribute; please send it to:

    If you have questions; 1-360-481-6176

    Thanks again David.

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