Standards finally getting some attention

I am told, reliably, that past efforts by POPAI to get technical standards discussions going in this industry were met with a, umm, tepid response. As in, all you could hear on the conference call was the sound of crickets.

Fast forward to last week, when there was a renewed effort via conference call to get this going among POPAI members and non-members. Led by my old office neighbour Michael Willems of EnQii, this time the conference call had 50 people¬† on it, representing 35 companies. Those companies included NEC, Titan, PRN, a bunch of us software guys, and some new folks whose companies do …. something.

Standards sound boring but are incredibly important to  anyone in this game. As mentioned in the past, Web pioneers running ad-based sites were all over the map in terms of ad standards, file formats and measurement, and it took an organized body to put its collective feet down and insist on some commonality.

Same thing needs to happen in this space — in a bunch of areas.

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