JADN – A round-up from Pub Zone

April 11, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Pub Zone is a long-time online publication that keeps tabs on the advertising and marketing industries. They had a writer at the JADN event in Montreal earlier in the week, and filed this.

And Patricia Vandal sent me some snapshots from the show, including one of the three bloggers fielding questions. That’s me on the left giving Adrian, for some reason, a “Yeah, right buddy” look.

The second pic is the vendor gauntlet you run to get into the hall where the speakers presented. It looks pretty desolate, but this is while speakers were up doing their thing.

  1. Ian Collins says:

    Haynes to Cotteril to Gerba. Remember the NHL’s “Production Line”? Or Evers to Tinker to Chance of MLB history? H-C-G had the best pound for pound presentation at what was a smooth, solid, informative conference.

    The headline of the day for me was a stat, casually put out by Bill Gerba. Bill said from the podium that although the digital ad networks claim to produce average revenue of 12k to 15k per year per screen, the REAL number based on 300,000 U.S. screens, after “backing out WalMart numbers” was……….2k per year per screen!!!!!!!!!

    When I ‘cross examined’ Gerba after his presentation about the $2,000 per screen per year ad revenue, he said all the numbers are “out there – just do the math”.

    I was not surprised at the 2k/yr number because I come from 20 years in the shopping center industry and would have guessed that number from anecdotal evidence.

    I suggest we highlight this as a new “Y2K” issue. I would be fascinated to hear comments.

    Thanks to everyone involved in the JADN event. Great bang for the buck as an event.

    Ian Collins

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