JADN event draws healthy crowd in Montreal

April 9, 2008 by Dave Haynes

I am in Montreal, buried in RFP work one can only hope is worth all the effort.

Though I could not afford the time, I did indeed sneak off and attend the second annual JADN industry conference. More detail to come, but here’s a very quick rundown.

About 150 people, heavily Francophone (which is only logical).

Cool, well-laid out venue (the Montreal science centre along the old city’s riverfront).

Well-organized event that belies the low entry fee and how this is put on by a content shop that is not in the event business.

Carafes of wine out and available by lunchtime (I behaved). And again at 6 (I was less pious).

Overall, good, engaged crowd and certainly worth playing RFP hooky for the day.

In a bit of blog madness, Bill Gerba, Daily Dooh-man Adrian Cotterill and I all presented this morning on the state of the industries in our markets — Adrian and Bill being quite studied and relevant, while I was a little sillier, but hopefully also relevant.

Gerba got back on a plane to Florida as his wife is very pregnant with a first, while Adrian was heading down to a shadowy consulting gig in Toronto he wouldn’t tell me about.

I went back to my room and back to workon another freakin’ RFP.

Did I mention how much I enjoy these things?

Airplanes again tomorrow, but will post at some point about what people had to say.

As a starter, here is Adrian’s PPT.

  1. Dave — I wasn’t sure what to think of this post…seeing as I was one to send you an RFP…but I must say…your’s was very well done, detailed, colorful — you even used our image from the website! lol.

    Writing it wasn’t easy…and I’m sure responding isn’t any better…so Kudos to you O Wrangler of the RFP!


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