Chief unveils new super-model skinny mount plate

Well it’s not like the other stuff in the market is hanging so far into a room there’s no room for the couch, but panel mount guys Chief have come up with a particularly skinny mounting plate meant to snug a big flat panel up against the wall like a hung painting.

The Thinstall scheme can hold up to 175 pounds, or something or other in kilograms, and is currently designed only for a particularly Hitachi line of panels.

Support for other panels is coming, which begs the question: Why can’t the panel and mount kiddies have a party and come up with standards for mounting holes and create a little universality???

3 thoughts on “Chief unveils new super-model skinny mount plate”

  1. First of all we love Chief and are a premier Chief dealer. We use them on almost every job.

    Standards for mounting do exist, VESA has become very common; however, not all panel maufacturers make all their panels VESA compliant. Chief is good at making universal mounts (model# ends with U) which have multiple anchor points.

  2. The recent push to super thin panels is driving the mount industry to respond with equally thin mounts. This first model is specific to the first of the thin displays – from Hitachi, others to follow.

    Thanks for noticing!


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