Zoom gets high ad recall despite state of viewers

March 29, 2008 by Dave Haynes

I always thought Zoom Media, New Ad and other companies focused on poster advertising in bars and restaurants had a great target audience, but wondered a little what recall would be like given said audience was in there pounding back Jello shots and Irish Car Bombs.

Would they remember their names, never mind ads???

Turns out they do. According to a Reuters blog post (I did not know Reuters had blogs), nearly 80 percent of people surveyed in a recent study recalled at least one of four advertisements running on digital billboard screens at bars where they were partying. That’s not a bad number considering the audience surveyed by Arbitron and Zoom Media & Marketing — 500 people aged 21 to 34.  That’s a demographic that advertisers love.

It shouldn’t be overlooked that Zoom Media is an advertising company with a big digital presence in bars and nightclubs. Still, the survey suggest that digital billboards really are getting eyeballs.

Another finding from the survey: “Consumers who were exposed to the advertising were much more likely to consider certain brands as category leaders. For example, when asked what they thought the top new video games were, twice as many people were likely to answer Assassin’s Creed — which was one of the commercials used in the survey — compared to those not exposed to the ad.”

(Note: Zoom Media US is a client of my masters)

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