Reactrix and Arbitron take close look at "eyes on" numbers; like what they see

February 14, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Reactrix Systems, Inc., whose stock in trade are those interactive  projection pieces you find on shopping mall floors,  has released the results of a study it has been doing with Arbitron to “accurately quantify how and at what point consumers choose to ‘opt in’ and engage with their” installations.

Unlike the generalized and often unreliable ways in which television, the web and the print industries report and measure media consumption, Reactrix’ proprietary study focuses on the ‘eyes-on’ numbers of consumers, allowing their clients to actually measure how many people put their eyes on an advertising message, what percentage of the audience engaged in that message, what percentage got on the STEPscape interactive display and for how long they did so.

The news release goes on to note …

Commencing in October of 2007 and conducted in two phases, Reactrix’ Arbitron study focused on two major consumer recording areas: observational, where an Arbitron employee would make note of consumer behavior from a-far, and one-on-one interviews, where an Arbitron employee would ask consumers why they made certain behavioral choices, making special notes regarding audience engagement, dwell time, visitor metrics and demographics. The results were staggering. Out of the 26 million plus mall based consumers who had an opportunity to see a Reactrix STEPscape display, (a number projected by Arbitron based on Reactrix 186 mall-based locations), 92% of them noticed or had their ‘eyes-on’ it, 84% stopped to both look at and engaged with it, and 70% actually took the time to interact with it. These consumer ‘opt in’ statistics, revealed at a time in the industry when consumers are finding it easier and easier to ‘opt out’ or avoid ads, not only solidify Reactrix promise to clients as an interactive advertising medium but showcase the benefit brands get by placing ads on the innovative digital media network.

“Digital OOH has often been referred to as the final frontier in media and now with our latest Arbitron study, Reactrix has pushed those boundaries even further,” said Sue Danaher, President of Reactrix Systems Inc. “With over 25 million people putting their ‘eyes on’ our content every four weeks, we now can deliver unprecedented and guaranteed engagement to our clients. Consumers don’t just ‘opt-in’ to our network, they jump in to our media playing, interacting, having fun, and then reacting on the marketing message. This state-of-the-art level of audience measurement coupled with our ability to be both a brand builder and closer at the point-of-sale will fuel our momentum for our STEPscape Media Network for years to come.”

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