OneStop investors sell part of stake, but retain big plans

January 7, 2008 by Dave Haynes

A news release this morning says Mishorim Development Ltd. have sold 13.33% of OneStop Media Group for C$5 million, “reflecting a company value of C$37.5 million. Mishorim subsidiary Skyvision Telemedia Inc. sold 5% of Onestop for C$2.2 million, diluting its stake in the company from 42% to 37%.”

OneStop is a Toronto company with a few things on the go, most notably the network of digital signs deployed through much of Toronto’s subway system, on the platforms. It’s fairly hefty partner, in terms of owner position, is in the commercial property game here and in Israel.

The release goes on to say, interestingly, that Mishorim and its partner plan to float OneStop on the Toronto Stock Exchange within three years.

The release does not say who the shares were sold to.

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