One Stop, Sporting Life cited for excellence by marketers

December 13, 2007 by Dave Haynes

I had to run into a Toronto mall the other day and while there, finally had a peek at the network Toronto’s OneStop Media Group has installed in the Sporting Life sports store there.

I was impressed, with screens in portrait mode positioned around the store’s two levels, just above the aisles on support columns and the odd wall. I was a little disappointed that it was the same content on every screen, it seemed, but overall thought it was a nice execution and the content had some jump to it … including a little Christmas countdown clock on the screen bottoms.

So I was pleased to read a news release, albeit three weeks old but news to me, that the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) awarded Onestop and the retailer a gold award for Innovation for Enabling Technologies at a recent meeting.

According to the CMA, reads a press release, the Resource Partners’ Innovation Award for Enabling Technologies “recognizes the exceptional support to the industry through technological innovation, excellence in service, and much more. Each entry is judged on its merits in providing new support to the marketing industry.”

ONESTOP Media Group’s Sporting Life Network is a great example of how in-store Digital Networks are helping revolutionize the retail experience for customers and staff.

Retail Council of Canada brought Sporting Life, a high fashion and athletic retailer – and ONESTOP Media Group, a turn-key Out-of-Home Digital Media company. together two years ago to conduct a new, multi-channel retailing pilot that saw the integration of an in-store Digital Network with Touch Screen Interactive Technology into Sporting Life’s in-store environment.

The in-store network features two channels: one for the customers and one for the staff. During store operating hours, a customer messaging channel features dynamic ads from vendors, the store management and third-party lifestyle advertisers. The second channel, the Human Resources channel is displayed before and after store hours. Devoted to training, loss prevention and overall company culture, the HR channel provides a second use for the technology investment.

Nice to see a retailer actually using the screens for training, something we all talk about but few actually do.

I was supposed to be having a couple of Christmas frosties with OneStop president Mike Girgis, even as I type this, but a broken water heater at my home intervened and landlocked me.

Oh well, Cheers Mike!

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