Cisco's strategy dissected by SearchNetworking

November 16, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Good piece in the propeller-head online publication SearchNetworking about how Cisco has been putting all the pieces together, including the Tivella acquisition, to dominate the enterprise video distribution market.

Several strategic acquisitions indicate that Cisco is setting itself up to become a dominant force in next-generation enterprise IP video applications like digital signage, interactive advertising and IP video surveillance.

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  1. Xavier Orberec says:

    Those are big words from Cisco who hasn’t been in the mainstream. There’s already a company in Arizona that’s making waves with their real-time surveillance centralized strategy. They quietly have been hooking up with local, state governments and private business by centralized hosting and real-time monitoring of their properties and assets. They have successfully captured criminals and prevented acts of vandalism and violence on their properties in real-time.

  2. […] SearchNetworking analyse la statégie de Cisco qui se positionne adéquatement pour devenir un joueur majeur en affichage numérique, en distribution de contenu vidéo et de publicités interactives. Un article très intéressant pointé par ScreenMedia. […]

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