Digicurvers adapt code of ethics

October 27, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Well, I thought I was done with Digicurve and GSBC, now that this ceaselessly entertaining bunch in Thailand has decided maybe they can’t immediately dominate a very crowded digital signage industry and maybe they don’t actually have what was touted scant months ago as the hottest tech stock on the planet. Now the guys are humping a Romanian mobile wireless software bag of tricks.

First, Digicurve issued a press release letting the world know they will soon be known as Fightersoft, and then laid out their plans for a code of ethics. The press release goes on in detail about how Fightersoft will be honest with its suppliers and partners and with potential customers, noting: Advertising, marketing and promotional materials cannot contain unfair, inaccurate or deceptive statements or grossly exaggerated or unwarranted representations.

The company even specifically says it will obey the law.

Now you cynics out there might suggest all of these clauses require what is just normal behavior for almost any company on the planet. But maybe they just need a little reminding around the executive floor.

This comes the same day this blog was all but carpet-bombed with pro-GSBC/Digicuirve/Fightersoft comments — all from exactly the same IP address ( and though the untraceable Yahoo e-mail address changed with each of them, almost all were clearly written by the same person, given the stream of conscience/punctuation-free writing style.

One of those comments from that IP did come direct from ringmaster Ronald Flynn:

Jealousy is a powerful tool. It seems as though the owner of this site does not like my success. By the way thank for the free promotions.

Regards Ronald flynn

Ronnie, you’re most welcome. Do let us know when you start using that code of ethics.

Flynn’s e-mail address, by the way, is: pRINCEFLYNN@YAHOO.COM

UPDATE: Now someone who knows these guys, and I guess was involved with them, has started body-slamming them with stuff that any libel lawyer would embrace with glee. And Mr. Flynn and his aliases are responding in kind. This is a blog about digital signage guys. Take your personal attacks elsewhere. I am deleting any new comments from the bunch of you.

  1. Bill Gerba says:

    Somebody with the same stream of consciousness and/or lack of grammar skills also decided to leave their thoughts on my blog too:


    Can’t imagine who it might be 😉

  2. gerald dubin says:

    Ronald Flynn and Digicurve(Fightersoft) issued press release on Oct 16,2007 (prweb,Bangkok,Thailand) regarding Fightersoft signing a definitive agreement with a Thai Public Company called Siam2you.Dr. Biswas of Siam2you has asked for a retraction and to date no such retraction has been issued by Digicurve and /or Ronald Flynn.FLYNN handles this matter by issuing press release dated Oct.26,2007 -“FIGHTERSOFT MULTIMEDIA Incorporates New Code of Ethics”.I I have sent an email to JIM PARSONS,attorney for Digicurve and to numerous shareholders and designated shareholders of Digicurve,indicating that Digicurve and Flynn’s press release of Oct.16,2007 is totally false with severe legal ramifications (SEC and SET(THAILAND)for Digicurveand Ronald Flynn.

  3. Bill Gerba says:

    Oh look, Dave. I see you have the same little bitchfest happening on your blog as I do on mine! This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  4. screenmedia says:

    yes, I am now in the process of deleting anything new from this bunch … I don’t know how libel laws are applied to things like blogs, but this bunch needs to take their bun-fight elsewhere. They’ve done a pretty good job of ensuring any diligent investor would steer clear of them.

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