GSBC seems to have left our industry behind

October 19, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Mere months ago, Global Satellite Broadcasting Corporation was issuing seriously wild-assed press releases letting the world know it was on the cusp of taking over and thoroughly dominating the digital signage industry.

It didn’t quite play out that way, as most investors have measurable IQs.

GSBC’s backers, who rebranded the firm as Digicurve, appear to have taken a closer look at their projections and holdings, and are now bailing on our industry for the very big but even more crowded mobile phone industry.

Digicurve has signed a definitive agreement with Siam2you in Bangkok, Thailand, reads a new press release (thanks for flagging this, Barnaby).

Siam2you is a technology based public company. Digicurve has been approved to change its name to Fightersoft and will soon be trading under a different name and ticker symbol. The new name will be changing to Fightersoft.

Digicurve aka Fightersoft has appointed Siam2you in its definitive agreement to Manage and act as the business development team for Fightersoft worldwide. Siam2you will provide office facilities for the Fightersoft operations including staff knowledge, vital systems and services to maximize the current user base and to maximize the penetration of its technology on a global scale.

Siam2you has also been appointed to fulfill the executive board functions, including the C.E.O position and the global operations and management of the company.

So GSBC mastermind Ron Flynn appears to now be the lead promoter and kingpin for software that alleges to all but eliminate the tariffs associated with sending text messages. “This unique software can be used with virtually every mobile telephone ever made, not just SIM dependable. This new technology enables users to SMS and MMS on their mobile phones virtually free of charge. With Fightersoft’s mobile messaging and MMS delivery application anyone can upload and use the software no matter what mobile network provider the mobile subscriber is using.”

While phone companies couldn’t stop Skype and commercial Voice Over IP, I remain a little skeptical that the world’s wireless carriers will sit idly by watching billions in text messaging fees disappear into the ether because of come cheeky software.

Fightersoft also does mobile tracking for cellphones using something or other that doesn’t necessarily depend on GPS.

FighterSoft is a real company, it appears, based in Romania. How they hooked up with a stock promoter holed up in Banghkok is a mystery, but good luck to the Bucharest boys. If they aren’t already rolling, they are likely in for a wild ride.

I think most of us are happy to see these guys take their circus down the road, though it certainly was entertaining for a while.

  1. Dr. Amitava Biswas says:

    I am the director of business strategy for Siam2you PLC, a small listed mobile media company in Thailand. We were approached some months ago by a representative of Mr. Flynn regarding our interest in developing a Romanian software product called Fightersoft. We did sign a Letter of Intent with Digicurve indicating our interest in providing business development services, however there is not now nor has there ever been any “definitive agreements” or any share transfers between Siam2you PLC and Digicurve, Fightersoft, Mr. Flynn or any related parties.

    The press release mentioned in the above blog post was issued without the knowledge or prior review of Siam2you PLC and Siam2you PLC has formally demanded that Digicurve issue a retraction and clarification, which it has promised to do this week.

    Please feel free to send any comments to my personal email

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