Now GSBC is in the wireless and GPS business

August 31, 2007 by Dave Haynes


The search terms tracked for this blog have been spiking the last couple of days for Ron Flynn, the rather optimistic fellow who for several months now has been building a company that was going to take over the digital signage industry and, if there was time, the world.

You can get a sense that here, and also a sense of what this is really all about here.

When people start searching his name in a bigh way and my blog activity spikes, that usually means something is up. So I did a securities filing search and saw a new one for Digicurve, the naughty body builder photo firm in Nevada that somehow or other owns GSBC.

The latest says, as boiled down in a press release,  Digicurve has purchased certain intellectual property rights of Fightersoft Multimedia, a Romanian company. Fightersoft invented and holds new software patents for mobile phones. This unique software can be used with virtually every mobile telephone ever made, not just SIM dependable. This new technology enables users to SMS and MMS on their mobile phones virtually free of charge. With Fightersoft’s mobile messaging and MMS delivery application anyone can upload and use the software no matter what mobile network provider the mobile subscriber is using.

Fightersoft also invented and owns the patent rights for a new mobile tracking system that will allow any mobile phone subscriber to track their friends or business associates – not GPS dependable. Tracking friends or children is simple – all you do is enter a name and click the buddy icon. The tracker system immediately identifies the targeted mobile phone and tells you where the person has been (as much as 500 locations, with time and date) and where they are located at present.”

The press release also notes the Board of Directors of Digicurve will be asking shareholder approval to change the name of the company from Digicurve to Fightersoft Multimedia Corporation.

It is hard to tell what this means, though the suspicion would be that whipping up an investor frenzy about digital signage didn’t work (it’s too easy for people to get a true picture through Internet research), so the focus has instead turned to a market that everyone knows and uses, but is also evolving so quickly it would be really hard for non-experts to keep their BS filters working.

The fascinating thing is that when I click through to Fightersoft, I get a video screen that, when loaded up, has Ron Flynn smiling back at me, ready to tell me all about Fightersoft’s pots and pans. Given his choice of clothes and the icons on the phones, he shot this in Bangkok, not Bucharest. And given his delivery, he spent about a minute rehearsing. The best part is when the background music switches over to the theme from Shaft. 

Hopefully, this means Global Satellite Broadcasting Corporation has waved ta-ta to our business and is stirring things up in somebody else’s sandbox. The everchanging corporate website, by the way, is down.

  1. Michael says:

    “Shaft”… I love it. Subliminal messaging!

  2. Bob says:

    Hi I’m Ron Flynn …. One of the Promoters …. Umm

    Snake Oil 2007

  3. Well, overlooking the obvious malicious tone, I can tell you that not only the connection between Fightersoft and Ronald Flynn (as a promoter) is real, but even if the filming was not done in Bucharest, all the work is being done here ?. Congrats for the spirit of observation, and looking forward to show you (and not only) the potential in this collaboration.

  4. Ronald Flynn says:

    Jealousy is a powerful tool. It seems as though the owner of this site does not like my success. By the way thank for the free promotions.

    Regards Ronald flynn

  5. AURTUR MENOZA says:

    I have been watching this new company called fightersoft and it is the real deal.

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  7. sixteenninesucks says:


  8. screenmedia says:

    My advice Ron, because the Internet is a highly searchable medium and everything you post is searchable and therefore accountable, is to move on. You run the risk of coming off as totally bat-shit crazy.

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