InfoComm Report

June 21, 2007 by Dave Haynes


So as planned, I spent much of the day hoofing around the Anaheim Convention Center, checking out InfoComm 2007.

For the unitiated, this show is aimed at the sytems integrator world and attracts throngs of people from companies who stick screens, speakers, cable, video conferencing systems, custom lighting and on and on into offices and facilities. Digital signage was big on the mind of a lot of these integrators, because their clients are asking.

There were enough companies from our space at the show to fill a zoned area in one the big main halls, as well as another more loosely organized cluster in a lower level hall.

Is it worth it to attend?

Yes, if you are on the ops side and looking to source mounts, LCDs, cabling and distribution gear, not to mention software. I bumped into several companies and products I’d never seen before.

If you are on the sales and marketing side, probably not.

If you are thinking about exhibiting, I’d say yes if you see big business with integrators and want to grow a reseller network. If you are expecting retailers, hotel chains and entrepreneurs to fill up your booth, don’t bother. This is a gadget show, though a good one.

I have a plane ride tomorrow and will pound out some thoughts and photos on the ride home, and post. I was going to post more tonight, but Samsung had a rooftop party, there was free Coronas and lotsa food, and, well … priorities.

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