DSE is upon us

May 14, 2007 by Dave Haynes

dse.jpgI am on a plane too early tomorrow to head down to Chicago for my third Digital Signage Expo, the event formerly known as Digital Retailing Expo.

My guys have a booth, as do most of the usual suspects. And those among us who don’t have booth space will be hanging around and squinting at name tags, looking for people with serious titles from big retailers. And stalking them.

More often than not, those retailers who are sniffing around this space for the first time send along more junior people, and the poor wretches — typically new to all this and trying to sort it all out — walk the aisles of booths listening to a lot of noise about why the stuff they are looking at, at that moment, beats the pants off anything else they have or will have seen that day. Or probably ever.

Then the poor wretches wobble off in search of a drink. A handful will pitch themselves off the Navy Pier and into Lake Michigan, muttering things about network controls and 1080i.

I’ll be one of the booth denizens, showing off our latest pots and pans. But I also also hope to slip away and see what the enemy is up to and catch up with a few of them. I doubt I will attend any presentations, but expect I will nevertheless post a few observations and snapshots from the trade show floor. Among the usuals are some new guys with what at least sounds like interesting pitches or gear.

If you’re a regular reader or poster, drop by and say Hi. Booth 223.

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