GSBC resurfaces with new world-beating products!!!

May 1, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Now that’s service. Whine and worry a little bit that a company hadn’t posted an over-the-top press release for a while and what do they do? They issue an over-the-top press release.

God bless them at GSBC/Digicurve, or whatever.

The latest word:

Bangkok Thailand (PRWEB) April 30, 2007 — GSBC Global Thailand has acquired a next generation media distribution company specializing in scalable, turnkey hybrid digital Video on Demand (VOD) and music on demand (MOD) entertainment systems, High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) video games and WIMAX triple play solutions for the hospitality industry, including digital advertising.

During the past nine months our management team has re-engineered GSBC Global from the ground up. As part of our plan, we completed this acquisition of the patented technology for digital signage and triple play solutions from the software and hardware company called NEXTSTEP Internet Corporation. This 25 million dollar all stock transaction will now make us one of the dominant players in the hospitality market. We will become a VOD provider in the industry being able to provided services to thousands of hotels worldwide. In addition to our patented VOD and MOD technology, we will also provide High Speed digital signage (HSDS) and (VSS) Video Security services with cameras for all digital signage installed.

The biggest driver we see in the near term is the move to high definition (HD) content. In early 2007, we will introduce our next generation product which will be (HD) outdoor digital signage, touch screen kiosks and in room gaming and music and karaoke. Our technology makes it possible for hotels to deploy HD at their own pace, allowing upgrades to occur over time without compromise to their delivery of standard definition content. We believe we are one of the first company’s to take this approach and it should give us a real competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our ability to enable a reasoned and economic upgrade path for hotels is a further reflection of our commitment to have the best technology. GSBC outdoor digital signage business will benefit from this new patented technology as it allows the screens more flexibility to organize screen space, communication, and allows the advertiser to log in to a live quick feed to verify that there adds our playing. Also the boarders can be set for scrolling news reports or stationary in any position and can also be used as a touch screen for printing coupons so that people on site can print and use the coupon instantly. GSBC goal is to maintain the most user friendly interactive technology, and to grow our outdoor digital signage business because of our ability to pre set advertising 1 year in advance and give live feeds from any television service in the world.

Wimax triple play is voice, video and data, by the way (had to look that bit up).

My favorite part of this one is having a product that offers high-def outdoor digital signage, touch screen kiosks and in room gaming and music and karaoke, maybe all in one. Umm, cool.

This is all coming in early 2007, which by the way, is already the past.

I’m really not loving the idea of people in the hotel room next to mine having karaoke machines, however.


NextStep appears to be a real company with real clients in Thailand, but the corporate website makes it clear what they really do and have been doing is developing websites and accounting software. It is a rather big leap to become an industry leader in the hardware-driven world of video-on-demand, Voice Over IP, surveillance systems and on and on.

Then again, they already have a crystal clear explanation of what they do (see above).

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