Could you have at least waited until the crime scene tape came down???

April 17, 2007 by Dave Haynes

From the Department of Tasteless Opportunism:

NEW YORK, April 17 /PRNewswire/ — “A community alert system using all available PC screens, digital signs and student notebooks, could have made a difference at Virginia Tech University,” says Frank Hoen, CEO of Netpresenter.

“In yesterday’s news conference, Virginia Tech University President Charles Steger said notifying students immediately about the first shooting incident would have been difficult and impractical. We know it could have been done – with the right system the majority of students and staff could have been alerted.”

A campus-wide evacuation message can be issued in seconds to PC screens, digital signage screens or even student notebooks, via the local network or over the Internet. Implementing the system is quick and does not require changing the IT infrastructure or extensive training sessions.

Netpresenter emergency alert is used to improve security at educational facilities, airports, chemical companies and hospitals such as Maine Medical Center. Abigail Greenfield, Communication Relations Manager at Maine Medical Center: “It’s clear that hospitals, like schools, can be targets, or at the very least, involved in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. In an emergency situation, we need to be able to communicate this to employees immediately. Netpresenter’s emergency alert feature complements the extensive emergency preparedness system already in place at the medical center.”

Yes guys, sure … but there’s a time and place to talk about this. Eeesh.

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