Adobe releases latest design suite

April 16, 2007 by Dave Haynes


If you are the person who cuts purchase orders for your digital signage company, that nervous shuffling sound you hear behind you right now is the lead creative type waiting for just the right moment to ask you for this:

The gadget blog Gizmodo is reporting this morning that Adobe has released Adobe CS3, which rolls up PhotoShop,  Illustrator and now Flash, along with other Adobe bits, into one big, expensive bundle. Actually, there are several bundles and there may need to be a how-to book to explain all the bundles.

Gizmodo reports some of the highlights relavant to what we do:

You can …

As with most Adobe stuff, this latest software is stinkin’ expensive and by the sounds of it will need a Cray super computer to run, but the Adobe suite is the gold standard for doing creative. And great creative is pretty important.

  1. Ah, such a delicate balance to be struck … the latest and greatest are always fun, but does DS content really require very much that CS2 cannot do?

    (Goes back to typing something into Word 97 …)

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