Ad budgets: where the money is going, and not going

April 4, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Business Week has a piece this week in which it surveyed high-powered judges involved in a large advertising industry award program. It crunched the responses into a series of bar charts and statements for a slide show that looks at where industry leaders heads are at these days.

Interestingly, though not at all surprising, the biggest sliceof the money pie continues to go to TV, but at the same time, it is considered most at risk of losing money, followed by newspapers.

The biggest growth area is for online ad spending, as well as for online search.

The digital signage industry doesn’t even register on this thing, despite all the buzz (which, by the way, is a phrase agency people are sick of hearing). The closest categories to drop into would be outdoor, or the always compelling “other”. 

  1. hp akkerman says:

    Research showed in the Netherlands in 2005, Digital Signage accounted for 2% of the total Out-Of-Home Media budget of €246 million, i.e. €4.6 million. Airports and soccer stadiums were not included, though.

    Research of Profitable Channels iin 2006 estimated 1.2 billion dollar ad spending on Digital Signagein the US, which included about 50% for digital ads in cinemas.
    Research can be found here (pdf)

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