Digital Signage University opens up

April 2, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Lisa Jachimowicz, who runs the discussion board Digital Signage Forum, has started something called Digital Signage University.

The cheeky streak in me has my head working up all kinds of questions. What kind of football team do they have? Are there frat houses and do the hazing rituals involve Lyle Bunn and Stephen Platt??? Are the cheerleaders cute? What’s the fight song? The usual stuff.

I do see DSU already has gear, including BBQ aprons, dog t-shirts and, ummm, thongs!

More seriously, calling it a university is a bit of a reach, as anyone clicking through there to “go to school” on the industry wouldn’t find much in the way of tutorials or FAQs about this space. The site is more of an early-stage e-commerce site for people and companies selling research papers relevant to the industry.

Digital Signage University has been designed with high educational standards and expectations of achievement and serves as a platform that allows easy access to educational information such as whitepapers, CD’s and books and will all be found in one convenient website.

The DS University bookstore will allow all Digital Signage authors who are producing works of educational value to list their quality Books, CD’s and E-books efficiently on one centralized website. DSU will be the hub where all educational material is available for download or purchase.

DSU may be waaaaaaaay ahead of its time — I’m trying to think of industry-focused authors and drawing blanks beyond Platt — but give credit to Lisa for being an enthusiastic booster of the industry and willing to put a stake in the ground with something.

DSU is also about the only place where I could be a tenured professor.

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