No listing on NASDAQ OTC yet for GSBC

March 19, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Unless they have come up with a different handle, the guys humping GSBC did not manage to list on the NASDAQ over the counter board today, as an enthused salesman told me last week was going to happen.

sooperdooper.jpgWell … now where am I supposed to spend my life’s savings???

This is particularly disappointing because in trying to get their OTC ticker I came across their investment memorandum from January, which clearly states (but apparently just for sophisticated investors) that this digital signage rocket of a company is forecasting year one revenues of $271,500,000.


But on sober second thought, maybe I should be disturbed by that number – given the company is forecasting revenues of $43,000,000,000 within five years. With that number in mind, $271M would be kind of limping out of the gate.

UPDATE: I read the financials a second time and realized I had the year one numbers wrong. $271,500,000 is not the projected revenues, it’s the profit! Year one revenues are $543,000,000.

Here’s the exciting product, as described in the circular!:

The initial product will be the SmartScreen Digit Display. Dynamic Digital Interactive Signage – SmartScreen has emerged as the “Next Killer Application” for the new generation of sign technology in the advertising industry. It is capable of delivering full-screen, full-colour content to stand alone or multiple locations. Cost of implementation has been reduced significantly, making it possible for SmartScreen to be in the mainstream marketplace. Using our patented technology viz ‘communication via SMS’ – it opens up new possibilities in Advertising and interactions. The growth rate is projected to increase significantly in the next few years as our technology matures.

  1. Ron Way says:

    I think certain people who make a living selling articles instead of paying dues in various ad businesses over thirty years are taking pot shots at a dedicated group of entrepreneurs. GSBC-Global has some extrordinary people coming together from various advertising, financial and technology sectors with long CV’s and track records. Excitement and hard work have led to some people in this organization saying certain things that are a bit over the top for these self styled scribes. So be it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If anyone actually cared to do some research instead of lazily reporting each others glib remarks back and forth they would realize that over the last two months a very hard working group of professionals in all areas of media have come together to bring about a new group dedicated to creating a powerful presence in the Digital Signage market which (from what this observer sees) is a very disjointed and fragmented business where opportunities for SME advertisers are progressively eroded by the BIG BOX conglomerates who want the whole enchilada and have mesmerized the “critics” into believing that only the “BIG” guys will win. That’s vey typical of these American corps and their back stabbing tactics. But then who should be surprised?

  2. screenmedia says:

    Uh … OK … gotcha.

  3. Josh Coffman says:

    Ron Way, when you put out crazy numbers and state future domination you should expect criticism. Especially in an increasingly competitive industry.

    Furthermore, there is a LOT of tech funding out there right now and many of the companies on the receiving end are exhibiting similarities to the companies that went down in the tech bust.

    In America there are always going to be doubts about upcoming companies, that isn’t a bad thing like you suggest. People doubted Google not so long ago but Google wasn’t making absurd claims. They focused on their product and model and redefined search and online advertising.

    The difference with GSBC is that they are stating some extremely high numbers and touting future market domination of an undefined space.

  4. Richard proeye says:

    I saw this coming a mile away, If you delve into the past of Ronald Flynn, the CEO and Founder you will see shady dealings, class action suits and debt trails all across australasia. He owes my own company in australia 30,000. The man is dillusional and a compulsive liar and is just looking to pump up the shareprice and then dump the stock. Way to go Flynn, you have done it again! When we going shopping next?

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