And the winners were??? (UPDATED TIMES 2)

February 27, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Ok, so I know there was a Strategy Institute digital signage meeting-thingie in Las Vegas last week, and I know a few people who went. I also know there was a reception for the Fourth Screen Awards, for excellence in the space.

But that’s it. Nothing on the site. Nothing on the Strategy Institute site. Nothing on blogs.

Did it happen? Who/what won? Good event? Not so good?

UPDATE: The Digital Signage Forum, which has tidied itself up a lot since I last saw it, has a brief, somewhat breathless round-up. It does allow you to see what Bill Gerba looks like from 50 feet away.

UPDATE: James Bickers of Digital Signage Today has kindly passed on the winners list.

Fourth Screen Awards 2007 Winners

Category: PSA/Other
Bronze Winner
Awarded to: DynaTek
Campaign Title: Get Converged!
Client: DynaTek Media Network

Bronze Winner
Awarded to: John Ryan Performance
Campaign Title: Citi Syndicates
Client: CitiBank

Category: Interactive
Bronze Winner
Awarded to: John Ryan Performance
Campaign Title: Health Savings Account
Client: US Bank

Silver Winner
Awarded to: Ecast
Campaign Title: Jeep Compass
Client: Jeep/Ecast Network

Awarded to: Polo Ralph Lauren
Campaign Title: Interactive Shopping Experience
Client: Polo Ralph Lauren

Category: Brand Advertising
Bronze Winner
Awarded to: Met|Hodder
Campaign Title: ABC Grey’s Anatomy “Seriously”
Client: ABC Entertainment / ABC In-Store Network at Meijer

Silver Winner
Awarded to: Captivate Network
Campaign Title: FedEx Total Shipping Solutions Campaign
Client: FedEx and FedExKinkos

Silver Winner
Awarded to: MediaPlace
Campaign Title: Champs Sports – Behind The Scenes – Nike AirMax
Client: Champs Sports / Champs Sports TV

Awarded to: Nike
Campaign Title: Hawk
Client: Nike Retail Network

Category: Promotional Advertising
Bronze Winner
Awarded to: DraftFCB
Campaign Title: Carphone Warehouse and O2 Stores
Client: Nokia In-Store

Bronze Winner
Awarded to: Met|Hodder
Campaign Title: Pillsbury / Hershey’s
Client: Pillsbury / Kroger Network

Silver Winner
Awarded to: Unolink
Campaign Title: Can You See This?
Client: Optica Caroni

Awarded to: The Famous Group
Campaign Title: Toyota Yaris Mobisodes
Client: Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles

GOLD WINNER ­ Best of the Best
Awarded to: Alchemy International (POP program by Wolfe Works (Toronto), using Digital View gear)
Campaign Title: Smirnoff Vodka / Casino Royale
Client: Diageo / Diageo In-Store Screens

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