Another gas pump TV player bubbles up

November 22, 2006 by Dave Haynes

Saw a piece on the news wires about another entrant into the gas pump TV thing, this one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

PetroTV’s product looks an awful lot like what VST Media has been doing in Canada for about three years now, though they have the distinct advantage of operating in warm weather. VST had some major, major teething pains dealing with electronics during harsh Canuck winters.

One interesting wrinkle these guys pitch is that the content can change ad content depending on the grade of fuel being pumped – ie regular unleaded guys see Ford ads, while the premium guys see Lincoln spots.

I wonder if that’s really happening, but it’s nonetheless a clever bit of targeting.

  1. Adrian Cotterill says:

    BP Partners With Hughes, StoreCast For Pump-Side TV Trials In UK And U.S.
    16 Dec 2006

    LONDON – BP, the world’s largest oil company, has recently started a three-location trial of forecourt TV in the UK, according to reports in the British press. Screens placed next to pumps provide motorists with a mixture of news, weather, traffic information, in-store offers and advertising while they fill up their tank.

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