Swiss firm Neo Advertising lighting up in Carrefour

October 19, 2006 by Dave Haynes


The guys who run the Swiss firm Neo Advertising appear to be on a roll.

They just issued a press release announcing a rollout to 12 of the massive Carrefour Switzerland hypermarkets in their country, with as many as 400 46 inch LCDs to be installed aroundthe stores. The rollout is targeted to be done by end of Q1 2007.
By the looks of the images one of their directors included with the press release, they have the screens ganged together and down low enough that shoppers will actually notice them amid the visual kaleidoscope that is a typical big box grocer.

Neo says of the plan:

“Developed to inform and entertain the Carrefour customers, the programs astutely combine
daily promotional offers, commercials, entertainment and other educational programs relating to the family and their consumption habits.”

I like the dominant screens and full screen spots. One image shows what appears to be a news headline (why people would read news in a grocery, I’ll never know), but at least everything appears to be full-screen.

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