Good news (and a little nonsense)

April 4, 2006 by Dave Haynes

Calgary-based Vauntcom Media Corporation has announced a deal that will see about 140 LCDs sprinkled around the concourse, washrooms and elevators of Rogers Centre, the stadium formerly known as the Skydome.

The idea is simple – a whole whack of people are in and out of that venue every year seeing Jays and Argos games, as well as a bunch of trade shows. In all, the number is something like 3.5 million, though a big chunk of that number counts on the Jays pulling big-time crowds this year and beyond.

As someone who started a network with a reliable, well-defined audience several times larger, and STILL had trouble selling ads at first, I wish these guys luck. The venue-based ad game is not easy and there are a lot of players.

But I have to knock them for their nonsensical press release assertion that Vauntcom "Canada's largest digital advertising provider."

That's just silly, as Captivate has more than 1,100 elevators and VST has something like 1,200 gas pumps at Esso and Canadian Tire. Other companies also have some large footprints, as well, while Vauntcom is really just getting going.

Everybody spins their product and business as much as they can, but c'mon guys.

  1. Keith Bushfield says:

    Well its nice to see someone is watching….however get the facts straight…we have more screens than both of these companies…we do way more than jut the Rogers Center…we also do every NHL arena in Canada as well as 15 golf courses, in addition to 1500 new displays being placed in a large retail chain this year….

    By the way…..hire better people if you want to see ads…thats part of your problem.

    Wish you luck in your little project….but dig deeper before you start talking about stuff you have no idea about.

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