Award-winning projects

March 19, 2006 by Dave Haynes

Given that the industry is still trying to come up with a name everyone agrees on, it’s a bit of an accomplishment that someone has come up with awards celebrating the best of it.

The Digital Signage Group, recently acquired by Electrograph, just announced its Digi Awards celebrating excellence in this space. Happily, three of the 10 awards have a Canadian connection.

Mike Gillisie’s POPMedia won for sticking wifi-driven screens inside the new buses in the York Region (suburban Toronto) Transit system. It’s just a trial so far, but this can’t hurt his chances of getting beyond that trial.

Winnipeg’s Nygard International was cited, through its vendor GFX Dynamics, for a SmartTableT – some sort of array that uses RFID reads to triggers playback of specific media files products are lifted from the table.

Mike Girgis and the guys at ONESTOP Media Group were cited for the big screens now installed on many TTC subway platforms in Toronto.

The most impressive effort would have to be the spiral LED board (see the pic from AKA, left) on a tower outside the Enoshima Spa and Resort, put together by Stone Mountain Productions of, I’m guessing, Georgia.

You’ll find the full story in AKA.

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