The nonsense continues …

March 1, 2006 by Dave Haynes

This from an unnamed company in a press release yesterday:

“_____________, a provider of Internet hosted digital signage services, today announced scheduling capabilities for its ______________ Digital Signs. The scheduler enables ____________ digital signage subscribers to specify starting and ending dates along with times for each individual message that is distributed to viewing displays. This enables businesses and organizations to feature promotions aimed at particular audiences throughout the day, week or year.

Subscribers have the ability to target specific audiences at different times of the day, or days of the week. Each page can have a starting and ending time along with the day(s) of the week the message is to be displayed. Restaurants can now use one screen to display their specials and automatically replace mid-day lunch menu promotions with evening dinner menus; health clubs can feature mother/child information during their peak visiting hours after school and adult team schedules for other hours; banks can deliver employee messages before branches open and customer promotions during banking hours.”

I’m not sure I’d be wanting to crank up the volume to let the world know my firm just developed the basic functionality scores of companies have had for years.

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