Load 'em up!

March 1, 2006 by Dave Haynes

Why do so many ad-based network operators make it so hard on themselves to get their sold spots noticed?

So many start-ups insist on loading up a screen with as much content as they can possible jam on the screen at one time. By the time a viewer gets finished reading the news headlines, sports scores, weather forecasts and stock prices, three or four ads have gone by unnoticed.

I get the concept that a screen with nothing but ads playing, one after another, doesn’t exactly make for a consumer-friendly service, or one that drives loyalty. But screens with multiple content zones mean sold ads never get noticed, and that’s not so good when research is done.

Here’s an example (and I wish this operator nothing but good fortune) of a network that has pretty much gone over the top on content, jamming in so much content on a wall mounted screen that most of it is impossible to read unless a viewer stands right in front of the display. Unfortunately, this is in a cafe where people are seated at least several feet away.

My advice, having learned some lessons about the perils of multiple content zones, is keep it simple. Go big on one screen with a headline and maybe one other item, and then go full screen with an ad (believe me, the media planners want ALL the screen), and back to content, and so on.

 That way, you provide a service to the audience, AND your advertisers.

  1. Kareeser says:

    Quite true, actually. I myself am not in the business, but I share your view. In Canada, Esso (Exxon in the states) has a good idea on how to approach customers. While we’re rooted to the pump, a screen plays one ad at a time (to a max of about 3).

  2. JCF says:

    I’m totaly agree with you. The best approach is to go full screen for each message and try to avoid multiple content zones.

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