Analyzing content

February 21, 2006 by Dave Haynes

There is nothing particularly new or brilliant about a digital signage company declaring: “It’s the content, stupid!” or the old chestnut: “Content is king!” Many, many people have long been telling their clients and their industry that these networks are just big, interesting money pits unless the content is well-considered and compelling.

What’s interesting about Manchester, UK-based Pixel Inspiration is that they are working with university academics to explore “the psychology behind content and reveal how and why certain content affects its target audience, while some simply does not work.

The work is being done with professors at the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at the University of Wales, in Bangor, Wales, and Pixel is making a PDF of its initial work available off of its website. Unfortunately, it is a big document that is more than a little hard to read on the screen, but is protected from being saved or printed.

This first bit is more of a round-up of relevant literature on common psychological thinking as it might relate to signage, such as colors, font styles and so on.

 Interesting stuff …

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